Servend 2706112 MDH-302 12 Valve Sanitary Lever Countertop Ice/Beverage Dispenser with Icepic, 300 lb. Ice Storage, and Internal Carbonator


Servend 2706112 Details

Designed to meet the needs of your high volume beverage service needs, this Servend 2706112 MDH-302 12 valve sanitary lever countertop ice/beverage dispenser with icepic, 300 lb. ice storage, and an internal carbonator is perfect for concessions, fast food restaurants, and stadiums where variety and merchandising potential are important. This model comes equipped with 12 valves to dispense a variety of flavors from one soda machine. Each valve has a sanitary lever to control dispensing. This type of lever touches cups lower along the side rather than coming into contact with the rims to help prevent contamination when refilling cups. Also, since sanitary levers reach farther down below the valves and can be operated with one hand, they meet ADA standards so you can accommodate all customers and employees.

So you can easily switch out carbonated and non-carbonated flavors, this model comes with a flexible, versatile manifold. While some machines take a lot of time to reconfigure, this soda fountain machine lets you swap out colas and other carbonated drinks for lemonade or iced tea in just minutes. Also, this model comes with an internal carbonator so you do not need to purchase one separately to add the carbonation to your sodas.