Servend 2705020 SV-150 6 Valve Sanitary Lever Countertop Ice/Beverage Dispenser with 150 lb. Ice Storage


Perfect for cafeterias, buffets, break-rooms, and countless other food service locations, this Servend 2705020 SV-150 6 valve sanitary lever countertop ice/beverage dispenser makes it easy to offer a variety of flavors in a one-stop beverage station. It features 6 Flomatic valves to dispense a variety of beverages and a 150 lb. ice storage bin to dispense ice for cold, refreshing drinks.

Each valve includes an NSF-listed sanitary lever that is specially designed to prevent contact with the lip of the cup. This eliminates the chance of contaminating the cup where customers drink from, helping your business meet sanitation requirements. For field flexibility, the valves are located on a multi-port flex manifold that allows for fast and easy changes between carb and noncarb beverages. This is excellent in dynamic businesses that alternate their beverage selection or in evolving operations that are still determining what flavors their customers prefer.

Ice is dispensed from a patented chute for easy access and quick delivery. The process is supported by agitation and drive systems that ensure that dispensing is consistent. Coldplate technology keeps product cold and ready for service.