Beverage Equipment & Parts Distributor

Leading supplier to the U.S. & Caribbean

Prestige International Sales has earned a reputation in the United States and globally for its unparalleled service and quality. We sell accessories, parts, beverage equipment, commercial refrigerators, and heavy duty equipment. We are one of the leading suppliers to the U.S, Caribbean and Latin America.

Prestige International Sales is a trusted provider. We take pride in having procure to several niche industries including manufacturing, government agencies, private enterprises, and the food and beverage industry.

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Prestige International Sales & Services are worldwide exporters and purchasing agents leaders. Prestige specializes in locating speciality goods, and hard-to-find items. We also provide consulting services to companies throughout the United States and the Caribbean.


We specialize in making purchasing, conducting research, ordering items and exporting products to corporations, government agencies, small businesses, and manufacturing companies.


We personalize our services based on client needs. Please contact us at (404) 421-9673 with product specifications, and we will gladly contact you with a quote within 24 hours.